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Rescue Orangutan Meets Orphaned Baby Orangutan and Adopts Her Right Away


Anggun, the orangutan, was rescued as a baby earlier this year. She had no family to turn to and was devastated.

Anggun’s mom was killed by poachers to steal her from the wild. After her rescue, she was too young to spend her life alone already. She was only a few months old. So, her rescuers took care of her and gave love to her 24 hours. But that was not enough because it was still not from someone like her.


So, the International Animal Rescue (IAR) team decided to bring Monti, a rescued orangutan who lost her own mother under the same circumstances, to Anggun’s life. Rescuers wished that Monti would adopt Anggun to help her raise and their wish came true!


“[As an infant], Monti was being kept by a family in a remote rural location,” Lis Key, of IAR, told The Dodo. “They claimed that the tiny orangutan had been found alone in the jungle and they had taken her in, but in reality, we know that an orangutan baby is never left alone by its mother and someone must have killed Monti’s mother to get to her.”


Monti is a known and fearless climber with a knack for adventure, in the IAR centre in Indonesia. According to key, she has the shiniest and most groomed look than most of the other apes.

“There’s no wonder why she’s always having her picture taken!” Key added.

And now, her impressive qualities list has one more thing added—a loving mom.

Watch the beautiful video of Anggun and Monti below:

“Seeing the two together fills us all with hope for their future,” Key said. “Monti is an exceptionally bright and brave orangutan and a candidate for release back into the forest one day. If she is able to take Anggun under her wing [in the wild], then the little baby can learn from her and benefit from her care and protection.”

Anggun will need to learn all the basic ways to stay safe from humans who may want to kill her, in case she ever returns into the wild. Poachers and deforestation have unfortunately caused the orangutans on that island to becoming completely endangered.


Fortunately, if both Monti and Anggun are approved to re-enter the world of the wild together, don’t forget your sister. They are living their lives as a family until then, and it isn’t that bad either.

“Time will tell whether the relationship between the two is such that they can embark on that journey back into the forest together,” Key said. “We certainly hope that will be the case!”

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