Alba is assumed to be the only albino orangutan in the world. They are considered to be one of the rarest animals in the world.

This lovely creature was rescued with the assistance of BOS Foundation and Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan Natural Resource Conservation Agency in April of 2017.


But this title came to Alba with a plethora of health risks. Being an albino gives you hearing and eye issues along with making one more susceptible to skin cancer. Since Alba is also an orangutan, a rare one at that, she could even be hunted. That is why she is going to be residing in her own island.

The private island will have three other primates who will all be under 24-hour monitoring and security. Not only will they be safe and sound, but they will also be receiving much-needed love, care and attention.


Fortunately, there have been enough private fundings and donations for endangered creatures like Alba and her friends to live their lives in a secure environment full of their daily requirements.

Just watch the video to see Alba in all her glory!

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