Dogs can be tough as nails when they have to face off against an intruder or a threat. They are very protective of their owners and their home. But even the toughest dog can at like the biggest baby at times. They can get scared of the most unexpected things! Behind every tough dog is a real softie at heart. The 30 dogs shown below can give any sacredly cat a run for its money!

1. “Are you sure this is safe?” – Rocky’s first flight

2. “What are these tiny monsters?”

3. “Roomba? How about I Roomb-away from this right now?”

4. Tiny dog turns husky into a big baby.

5. “My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten.”

6. There was a mouse in the house.

7. “Did I scare you?”

8. The ultimate betrayal—He thought he was going to the park!

9. Can’t. Deal. With. Cat.

10. Bull terrier is terrified of lawn mower

11. Dog’s expression says everything about owner’s driving skills.

12. “Save me from the vacuum, mom!”

13. “My dog is terrified it’s her birthday”

14. “The floor is lava!”

15. Vacuums—every dog’s worst nightmare

16. Labrador is scared of crossing bridges

17. “Poor guy was scared of the vacuum”

18. Kittens turn St. Bernard into giant lapdog

19. “She was afraid of the other dogs barking at the store, so she climbed on the bottom shelf and tried to hide.”

20. “He was sleeping, when a car backfiring scared him, and he accidently ran into the pool”

21. “My puppy is scared of the hallway so anytime one of us go to the bedroom she waits patiently.”

22. “Cower before me, dog!”

23. What is that!?

24. “My dog is afraid of vacuums. Came out of the shower and heard him whining.”

25. “Our dog is scared of thunderstorms. Took 20 minutes to find him”

26. “I was cutting wood and my dog got a little scared”

27. “When you don’t have a doggy gate at work but your dog is 100% afraid of electronics.”

28. Get that feathered thing away from me!

29. “Had to console my 200 lb baby because the loud chainsaw outside scared her.”

30. “So I took my dogs though the car wash yesterday. I think they were scared”

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