You come across all sorts of news every day, but there are some that do not get covered by mainstream media that you find on the internet. For this particular one, viewer discretion is advised. As we grow up, we realize that the world is not all rainbows and butterflies—there are some seriously evil people out there. Such people don’t care how their actions affect another’s life.

For instance, animals get abandoned all the time. People take them in as pet when they are tiny and cute. But as they grow up, they get tired of them and abandon them to fend for themselves. Others leave their pets behind in case they develop any illness or disability. If they are not ready to commit to caring for their pets, why do they take them in in the first place? While pet abandonment is cruel, it is nowhere near as severe as the abandonment in this story.

Somebody had abandoned their newborn baby in the middle of the street. The baby’s umbilical cord hadn’t even been cut! It was a harrowing sight indeed. A stray dog came across the deserted child and picked him up with his mouth.


Being a stray dog, he must have been really hungry. After all, he has no home to call his own and has to fend for himself. But the dog ended up doing something really surprising. He knew the pain of being on the street, and he didn’t want a newborn to suffer the same fate as him. That is why he picked up the baby and walked towards the house closest to him. He then placed the baby in front of the house and began barking to get some attention.


The family who opened the door were really shocked to see what the dog had brought. They immediately rushed the baby for medical attention. Thanks to the kind hearted dog, the baby is still alive. I wonder why the parents even had the child if they weren’t ready to welcome him into the world. Thankfully, the baby had a guardian angel in the form of a street dog.

This goes to show just how sensitive a dog can be. After performing such a heroic feat, I hope the dog found a loving home too. Please share this amazing story with your friends to show how incredible dogs really are.

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