It is a painful sight to see a gentle animal trapped in a cage. People haven’t understood that living beings, even animals are not objects meant to be owned. They are one of the most precious gifts of nature, born with a free will to live in their natural habitat. The tragedy is that, instead of living the way they were meant to, many are chained for breeding and sold in the black market.


The story of this leopard is just another example of human cruelty but on the other hand, there are other kind souls who have also stood up for the rights of these animals. This leopard was not only caged and bred but also declawed. This experience can not only be horribly painful for animals but also, unforgettable.

Fortunately, he was rescued by the kind souls from Cedar Cove Tiger Park who took him in and gave him all the love and affection he needed. They named him “Voodoo” and he couldn’t be happier in his new found home.


The video here captures one of those gentle moments when Voodoo is absolutely enjoying being among his friends. Thanks to people who shower him with love and affection, because he gladly reciprocates. When a guy reaches out to pet him, Voodoo responds in the nicest and most touching manner possible.

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