elephant tramples man 1

The elephant’s baby was sick, and that’s when the locals attacked.
This elephant mother had just finished giving birth to her baby. But her newborn had fallen ill and couldn’t get up on her feet. So the mother was trying to drag the poor calf home in Ajnashuli, in eastern India.
And when the locals spotted them, they immediately started pelting them with stones. The mother elephant got so furious that she then charged towards the people. In this horrible turn of events, a 27-year-old man named Shailen Mahato was killed.
This is the video that captures the incident:


At first, we see the mother trying to shield her calf from the stones. She only tries to get the poor baby back to the forest. But the calf just lies there, unable to do anything.
It’s obvious that retaliation was the final means for the elephant to save her child. And that’s exactly what she did.
She tried to warn the crowd first. Turning around and marking the ground with her feet.
But there was no heed of the warning.
The death has only encouraged more chaos in the area. That’s when more and more pachyderm elephants started an influx there. Fearing for their life, people started moving around in search of safety.

elephant tramples man 2

While the forest department has informed that they’re looking into the situation, they have advised people to not enter the forest area for a while.
As tragic as this accident is, reports have shown that it was the people who attacked first after hearing that an elephant had given birth near a lake.
Instead of just letting it go, they chose to hurt the mother and the calf instead.
The mother is still said to be in the area and so is the calf. The baby is still too sick to walk by itself while the mother watches over her, making sure no human gets close.