New parents have a very hard time. To make sure that the kids won’t get into trouble, the parents have been running around the kids rather than spending their leisure time by reading a book or taking a nap.

It’s the case for every parent. It does not matter whether they are kids of humans or animals.

The video below shows how the puppy is not letting his mother take rest. The mother seems to be too tired, but the energetic puppy has decided that no matter what happens he is not going to let her mother fall asleep. And it is totally impossible to make him stay still or take an afternoon nap.


While the little puppy, Kali is playing with his toys, her mother realizes that he is not by her side. Then she wanders everywhere to search where he is. Once she finds the little baby, she gently nudges him to stay put after bringing him back to the bed.

We are so happy that the owners captured this lovely moment in on the camera. It would be disappointing if the world couldn’t observe the cute interaction between the puppy and his mom. This whole moment proves the sacrifice and reflects that it’s not an easy task to be a mother. One has to face lots of sacrifices while becoming a mother.


One of the most amazing things is despite knowing that the puppy is not her own child, she has taken care of the puppy as her own child since the moment he entered the house. This little pooch is very happy to be loved by his family even when he refuses to go to sleep.

Watch the adorable video below:

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