Lucy Van Pelt was a beloved dog belonging to Imgur user, iamirenes. And all the pictures she looks of the little pup just proves how much she spoiled her,

In fact, the mom was so fond of her snaps that she decided to take them to Photoshop in order to be turned “into art…of some kind.” This is when she combined Hollywood with the pictures of her tennis-ball and King-Kong loving dog.

She explained that pictures were inspired by fine art rather than posters.

“A couple of years ago I started to play around in Photoshop Elements and shopped her into Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.’”

The results to her were so adorable that she picked another painting for her project! It didn’t take long for Girl With A Pearl Earring to become Good Girle With A Pearl Earring!

That’s when the movie posters came in. She used Photoshop Elements V2 (as she doesn’t own a full version of Photoshop), she added Lucy into all kinds of pictures.

Some of them were mischievous…

To adorably laughable…

While some of them were just splendid…

And others quite unsettling…

Then came the horror movies!

She didn’t forget to include some epic movies either.

“Turning Lucy into art and movie posters was a way to kind of sort through losing her and keep her ‘close’ at the same time,” iamirenes said.

But the best one of them all is Lucy Van Pelt in Lucy!

This epic journey isn’t over yet. Iamirenes honours Lucy as she shares her pictures on social media. Every Sunday, she adds a never seen snap on her Instagram. She has an album dedicated to Lucy in Imgur. Even though Lucy isn’t with us anymore, she is alive in our hearts. The pictures were a tradition until February 2018–a date that marked Lucy’s first memorial.

Iamirenes plans to learn more about Photoshop so she can create more unique things. Hopefully, she will create a piece that is completely her own and no one else’s.

Our best wishes are with her.

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