While some people dreams are full of wealth and success, Christina’s lifelong dream was to raise a dog and a cat together. So when the opportunity landed on her lap in the form of a Tamaskan puppy called Raven, she immediately took it.

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While Christina wanted to have a cat as well, she didn’t want to put it on her puppy, Raven, on the side. Since the little pup would be the one spending a considerable amount of time with the cat, Christina came up with a new plan to make her dream come true. She decided to take Raven to a shelter and have him pick out his new sibling.

It didn’t take long for Raven to find her soulmate. She stopped in front of a tiny kitten, an 8-week old creature, and locked eyes with her. From the second they saw each other, their fates were sealed. It felt as if they had found each others’ soulmates!

Instagram/ raven_and_woodhouse

It hadn’t even been an hour before the two started getting acquainted each other. And within a year, they had a bond as deep as a well. Raven and the cat, Woodhouse, are now best buddies. Not only do they snuggle and play with each other, but they are also fiercely protective and loyal.

Instagram/ raven_and_woodhouse

It’s no wonder why Christina’s Instagram is full of these two’s pictures! With each click, they seem more and more adorable. From babies to being grown creatures, their friendship has weaved its way into our hearts! Hopefully, their bond lasts for a long, long time!

Just check out the video below to see just how cuddly these two are with each other!

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