Mckayla Nelson suddenly had three children after she adopted a pit bull named Gus. Little Pup had two naughty brothers with whom he loved to goof around on their playtime.

The two boys were the world to this 1 and half-year-old fur-baby. He never failed to make his brothers laugh.

Nelson shared her experience with The Dodo:

“He immediately stole our hearts the second he came home and became best friends with our two little boys, Zeke, 2, and Eli, 6. His goofball personality matched perfectly with theirs. We see him more like a third child than a family dog.”

Sneaking out with his brothers is his favorite things to do. He gets pretty jealous if anybody goes out without him. He expresses his tantrum in the funniest way possible. Not just outside, it’s the same when he wants to come in as well.

“He is a serial window licker,” Nelson said.

He makes sure he gets the attention, no matter which side of the door he is in. He puts his face against the door and licks them until someone opens it.

One day, one of his brothers, Zuke, was playing outside, leaving Gus behind. Noticing this, he did the usual to make sure everyone know who wants to play out with him. He desperately starts licking the window, while on the other end, Zuke’s mom wanted to capture a cute moment of her son…

Gus made the picture even better with his cute pose on the background.

“He (Zeke) had no idea what was going on behind him, which made the photo so great,” Nelson said. “Gus always wants to be outside playing with the kids.”

After the hilarious photo shoot, Gus quickly managed to escape the house and to play with his big brother. Nelson, on the other hand, had a funny picuture with her, which she will frame and show off to everyone for the rest of her life.

“Hopefully everyone will … enjoy his pictures and personality as much as we do,” Nelson said. “Just goes to show that when you respect and love an animal like a member of your family, they have the potential of being the best companion no matter what the breed!”

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