Six month old German Shepherd-Beagle mix puppies, Miya and Lyka, were given up to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles by their family. According to their owner, they were destructive. However, volunteers speculate that the man was simply not prepared to care of a dog.

Sadly, when the dogs were returned, they were also separated from their human best friend. And now, they wait in a small cage, waiting for someone to take them home – because the little girl that desperately loved them was told she couldn’t have them. ID: A4889180

Posted by John Hwang on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

“Our best guess is that Miya’s former owner didn’t pay much attention to her (which is probably why she was destructive), so she’s in need of leash and obedience training, as well as appropriate exercise and stimulation,” United Hope For Animals, an organization that helps dogs from shelters find homes, wrote on its Facebook page. “She is smart and eager to please, so we think she will be a quick study.”

YouTube/United Hope For Animals

The little girl raised Miya and Lyka since they were pups, and has been visiting them at the shelter from the moment the duo was given up. Photographer John Hwang captured the heartbroken kid hugging Miya through her enclosure. “She knelt for a long time, heartbroken … in front of a particular kennel. It held her beloved dog, a gentle 6-month-old German shepherd … the girl raised her since she was a little puppy,” Hwang wrote on his Facebook page. “Sadly, her father wouldn’t allow her to keep the dog anymore, so she was left at the shelter.” ID: A4889180

Posted by John Hwang on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Her dad’s decision left the girl without dogs, but thankfully, Miya and Lyka have been adopted. Lyka was adopted a day before Miya. It is sad that the dogs had to be separated from their best friend, but now, both of them have loving forever homes. Lets hope the new families allows the kid to visit the dogs every now and then.

Meet the dynamic duo of Miya and Lyka. These wonderful dogs are German Shepherd / Beagle mixes. The sisters are…

Posted by United Hope for Animals on Monday, November 2, 2015

What we can take away from their story is that one should be fully prepared before adopting a pet. Pets are a huge responsibility.

Watch this video of Miya and Lyka at the shelter below!

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