When Leo went missing two months ago, his family in Turkey were completely lost. They looked for him for days and nights and still couldn’t find him.

It was like he disappeared without a trace.

And then this happened.

dog found streets 1

Sertaç Araç, Leo’s owner’s son, was out in a town 60 miles away for work last week when he came across a dog. Not just any dog. A dog that looked very similar to Leo.

The dog was just sitting outside a cafe. He looked like he was in a terrible condition from street life.

dog found streets 2

“I took a picture and sent it to my mother and father,” Araç said. Of course, the poor boy was full of suspicion. “I was in doubt.”

To make sure that it was Leo himself, Araç’s parents drove to the place themselves.

What happened next was all recorded.

Check it yourself.

It didn’t take Leo more than a few seconds to recognize his family, even though it had been months since he last saw them.

“When Leo saw us, he was very happy and we were very happy,” Araç said.

After months, Leo was finally coming home.

dog found streets 3

Finally heading to a place where he was loved.

dog found streets 4

While Leo going missing is still a mystery, people are starting to suspect that there is a serial dognapper in the area. Aside from Leo, there were two other dogs in the area who went missing. While Leo’s story ended happily, the other two dogs are still AWOL.

“We’re so happy Leo is home. I will look carefully everywhere I visit in hopes we find [the other two dogs],” Araç said. “My father and mother will continue to search for as long as they can because they see them as their sons and love them.”

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