The leading global provider of K9 Detection Services, AMK9, recently undertook the amazing task of bringing 92 military dogs back home from more than 7,000 miles away. The amount of preparations needed for something incredible like this is quite a mind-blowing.


AMK9 was contacted by the U.S. government to bring these heroes back as soon as they complete their service. However, they decided to take one further step for those amazing canines. The people at AMK9 are working very heart, making sure each dog goes to a loving home after their retirement. And if there are the ones who are still fit for duty, they will retrain them.


The video below will introduce you to some of the dogs and show you the moment they find their forever homes. The President/ COO of AMK9, Jon Wertjes, gives information about the 92 dogs who either went to their forever homes or got reassigned to new jobs. Piper’s Playhouse, a rescue group in Anniston, Alabama, helped to find beautiful homes for these dogs.

“Four dogs is a huge accomplishment,” says Tisha Mullen, the Logistics and Procurement Manager over at AMK9. “When you move 92? It absolutely changes the entire scope.”

Watch the video below:

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