From the moment Roy and Bernita Rogers met at Kansas City, Missouri, they dreamt of having a large family together.

They even imagined their kids running around their house by calling them, mom and dad. But Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way as we had expected it to be.

Roy and Bernita had a devastating experience of having three premature births right after a couple of year of their marriage. But then there was still some hope left inside them.

Bernita was deeply affected by what happened to her, so she decided to adopt a stray cat so that she could fill the emptiness for her stillborn babies. The kitten had black fur and was very beautiful. They named the kitten as Midnight. As soon as they adopted her, Bernita got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby. The cat came in Bernita’s life as a miracle and became an important part of their family.

The pair was very happy after all this and at the same time, they made sure that their baby is happy and healthy. They installed baby monitors in her room so that they will not miss any moment of her life. The cat was very protective of her human sister and soon the little girl and Midnight became each other’s best friend.

One day, the parents took the baby to the doctor as the little baby was not feeling well. Then the doctor said that the baby was having a cold and there was nothing to be worried about. They placed the baby in her room after bringing her back. At midnight, Roy and Bernita heard that the meowing of the cat that resembled the sound of crying, so they felt as if the cat was trying to warn them.

“It was this screech-wail-scream-cry. It was frightening enough that I jumped out of the chair and ran upstairs.”

Then they found the baby struggling to gasp for air when they rushed to her room. They baby Stacey was turning blue, so it was the time when they had to act really fact. They rushed towards the ER and there they were informed that the baby was suffering from full respiratory failure.

After being observed under doctor’s supervision Stacey started to recover. The pair badly wanted this baby so even the god didn’t want this loving family to lose their child.

Thanks to the brave cat who sensed that something bad was going to happen to the baby and made the parents alert. The little baby is now alive and happy.

The parents told: “For whatever reason, we were given a second chance by the help of a cat to enjoy this child and watch her grow.”

Cats are the best, aren’t they?

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