Although Scott Russo from Lincoln, California, never owned even a sheep, he turned himself into an unwitting shepherd one evening—and it was a hilarious accident!

YouTube/Scott Russo

Lincoln city has a program in which groups of sheep are employed to graze through overgrown public land. The sheep were doing their job on this evening in an open space behind Russo’s house.

For the amusement of his daughters, he left his backyard fence open, but didn’t know what was coming next.

“I really didn’t think one sheep would stick its head in,” Russo said. “When three and four came in it was neat. [Then] I blinked and the yard was full!”

Watch the video below to find out what happened next:

It is clearly seen in the video that one sheep enters his backyard at first, then a whole flock followed the fluffy animal. Although it was pretty hectic in the beginning, Russo cleverly sent the flock away by banging tambourine from afar, with his wife’s help.

“Nobody got hurt, only a smashed corn hole board,” Russo said, adding that the whole ordeal was a learning experience. “I won’t leave the gate open again.”

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