Dozens of cats and kittens were murdered and dismembered by this monster named Kaine Louzader for the simple reason that he got them for free in online ads. The 20-year-old from St. Peters, Missouri is facing two felony charges of animal abuse for this, but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.
Louzader was first tagged when a person saw him dumping a dead cat near his home and contacted the authorities. Authorities then started connecting the dots with all the dead cats that were found in the streets near the area.

craiglists cat 1

After arrest, Louzader confessed to the crime to St. Charles County police. Apparently, he used to scour Craigslist for free cats just to subject them to this terrible fate. When they arrived at his home, he would stomp on their heads, or strangle them then dismembering and dumping their corpses.
The scratches on his arms were all from the cats and kittens he murdered.
Right now, he’s in jail with a $50,000 bail. Prosecutors have informed that there could be more charges.

craigslists cat 2

This horrible news should serve as an incentive to all the pet owners who are looking to find a home for their animal companions. Just because someone seems interested, doesn’t mean they are a good pet parent. So be careful of who you give your pets to.
Another notable point is to never put ‘free’ on ads for your pets. Make sure that anyone who wants to take your pets home actually wants them for real and not for other purposes. Stay safe, stay careful.