At times, the weather can be really cruel to us. And, while enjoying our hot chocolate inside our cozy blanket, we should not forget about those stray animals who are left on the streets.

Thank God, there are still some people who are there to help the stray animals so that they don’t have to suffer. A kind-hearted man stumbled when he saw a pregnant dog on the street. He came up with a brilliant idea when he was finding a way to keep her and her babies safe and warm. He decided to build a tiny house and placed it against a building.


After a few days, the Samaritan wished to see whether she had given birth to her newborns or not. He went there as he was very excited to meet the newborns. The time when he looked inside the house, he was astonished. He found that they were not alone at all. Rather, the mummy dog and her litters were accompanied by a grey mummy cat who gave birth to four little kittens in the same tiny house.

It was surprising to see how the family had an unusual company and how a dog and cat were staying under the same roof. Most of the people assume that dogs and cats are each other’s enemy but here instead of fighting, the dog offered shelter to another mother who was in distress.


After observing this amazing scenario, he made footage by taking his phone out. We can hear him say in the video, “How cool. People gonna think I’m lying. It’s incredible to see. But look … it’s like a maternity ward in here.

We can learn that animals know compassion and empathy.

Watch the video below to know the story with further details:

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