If you ever commit a crime and you end up at Judge Michael Cicconetti’s Ohio Municipal Courtroom, you are unlucky, because he won’t spare you! This judge has punished convicted criminals for strange things like wearing a chicken suit.

People often guess what he would punish the next criminal, but no one would have thought what this man, who killed his dog, was about to face.

Three Million Dogs/Cleveland Magazine

Michael Sutton was found guilty for killing his own dog, for the sole reason of urinating in bed. Sadly, he was presented before Judge Cicconetti. The man had thrown his puppy from the sixth floor of his apartment building, killing the poor dog on-spot. In addition, this was not even Sutton’s first offence. So, the judge wasn’t going easy on him.

Now, Sutton has a six- month jail sentence, five years’ probation and he can never own a pet now.

Three Million Dogs/Cleveland Magazine

That was not it. The judge even told Sutton that he would love to put him in a dumpster. Watch the animal-loving judge making the offender totally pay for what he had done in the video below:

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