This full-time accountant from Colorado decided to adopt a dog in the honour of his late pet dog. But little did Steve Greig know he was going to save more than just one dog’s life.

While his first intention was to give one dog a loving home, it grew on to become a whole sanctuary for these lovely creatures!

His love for animals started at a very young age with his parents.

“I grew up with a lot of pets,” he said. “Both my parents were animal lovers and they pretty much always let me have whatever I wanted as long as I could take care of it.”

And he brought that habit into his adulthood. His first adventure was with one dog called Wolfgang, a Miniature Pinscher, who he tragically lost. This inspired him to save more lives of dogs who had nowhere to go and nothing to lean on.

He said, “I was miserable because [Wolfgang and I] had been so attached, and then one day I had a thought: If something good could come out of Wolfgang’s death, something that wouldn’t have happened while Wolfgang was still alive, then that could be my homage to him. So I decided to adopt the oldest, least-adaptable dog I could find.”

Eeyore was considered to be among the “least adoptable” puppies in the shelter.  “A 12-year-old Chihuahua with a heart murmur and four bad knees,” Greig describes. And the first member of his today’s pack.

“In a house of so many dogs, these two are probably the tightest. One is never far from the other. They are little, fierce survivors with a lot of love. Eeyore and Englebert.”

Today, Greig has a total of nine senior dogs in his family. He rescues some of them and some of them have become a part of the pack by Greig “acquiring” them. The accountant also has a rabbit, Stewart and a house-trained pig, Bikini. But this isn’t the end. Accompanying his family is another group of ducks, chickens and a bunch of cats.

“Back with the pack…..Bikini the pig, Waylon, Doris, Loretta, Edna (feeling like her old self), Edsel, Eeyore, Stuart the rabbit, Englebert, Melvin, Betty (the chicken?), Enoch.”

Even though Greig is very happy with everything he has, he is aware of how difficult the job would have been had it not been for his stable income, big property, animal-loving roommate and a housekeeper who enjoys the pets’ companies just as much.

To say that the pets’ in the family is a big gang would be an understatement.

“I’m upfront about all the dogs when guests come to the house. But I keep the big secret for an element of surprise.”

The entire house has separate jobs to do. With responsibilities of vet appointments, and making customized meals for each pooch’s dietary needs distributed throughout the hose, Greig is thankful that most of the dogs are so calm and relaxed most of the time.

“They pretty much just eat, sleep a lot, watch TV with me and go on little walks,” he said. “They don’t require as much attention as younger dogs, so they fit into my lifestyle much easier. I think everyone should consider adopting a senior; they have so much life in them and so much love to give.”

“I play many roles for these dogs; companion, dog food distributor, dog walker, chair…. Hercules is 18 and although he actually gets around great, by dinner time his back legs are a little fatigued so I lend him a hand.”

“Enoch is an Irish wolfhound and I’ve had him since he was a puppy before I started rescuing senior dogs and before I had come to completely face the horrible reality of shelter dogs…If you have your mind set on a particular breed there are rescue groups for almost every breed that exists. But please don’t close your mind to just one type of dog.”

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TB to one of my favorite pictures of these two, Englebert (4lbs) and Enoch (135lbs). Several people have asked about Enoch's story. Enoch is an Irish wolfhound and I've had him since he was a puppy, before I started rescuing senior dogs and before I had come to completely face the horrible reality of shelter dogs. Enoch is a wonderful dog. He puts up with all the little personalities in the house, with all the big personalities in the house (i.e. Bikini the pig ), and just about anything else that comes his way. Sadly, there are plenty of Enochs available at shelters and rescues in desperate need of good homes due to circumstances beyond their control. If you have your mind set on a particular breed there are rescue groups for almost every breed that exists. But please don't close your mind to just one type of dog. I never thought I liked Chihuahuas very much, until I rescued one, or bichon mixes, or cocker spaniels, or rat terriers, and so on. None of these dog types held any particular appeal for me until I came to know and love them through adoption. Get to know the animals in your local shelter; you might be surprised who you fall in love with. #measuringup

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With their cuteness and charm, the gang has earned quite a large following in Instagram! They almost have over 770,000 fans and it looks the number is only growing!

Not only does Grieg make everyone laugh with his funny commentaries on the pack’s shenanigans, he also uses the giant platform he’s been given to spread awareness about senior dog adoption and advocate for animal protection. His own T-shirt line shares its benefits with a non-profit organization specializing in rehoming pups called Susie’s Senior Dogs.

Now, isn’t that just the most beautiful thing ever?

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