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27-year-old Kenny Rowles from Plymouth, Pennsylvania has just been arrested after he confessed to putting meat on fishing hooks and dangling them from his porch to hurt stray cats.

He’s facing charges for aggravated cruelty to animals involving torture and serious bodily injury.

Neighbors first contacted the authorities after Rowles boasted about his activities on April 8. That’s when Whiskers World Cat Rescue got involved. After further investigations, humane officers came into the case.

The criminal complaint has Rowles full confession of how he used to put meat scraps on a fish hook to feed, play and bait the poor cats.

Lisa Devlin, a humane officer, informed that a cat called Tollie had a fish hook stuck in her throat and a string hanging from her mouth. Fortunately, other street cats around the area haven’t been injured.

Since then, Tollie has been through surgery which has left permanent scarring on her mouth. Right now, she’s in foster care, where volunteers look after her and take care of her.

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Rowles confessed to officers on two felony counts of cruelty to animals, two misdemeanor counts of neglect of animals and cruelty to animals and a summary count of animal cruelty. He even reportedly cried after welfare officers told him they knew what he did.

When he came out of the Nanticoke Municipal Building after his hearing with the District Judge Donald Whittaker, campaigners and animal-lovers berated him for his deeds. While he was being escorted, people saw him sobbing.

Since then, Devlin has said, “The charges are very serious, it was very harmful to the cat,
I’m thankful that the justice system will step in now and get justice for Tollie.

The intent was a little bit concerning. Neglect is one thing but the intent to intentionally harm and knowingly, just like the law says, it’s concerning.”

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Right now, Rowles sits at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility unable to pay the $100,000 bail set by Judge Whittaker.

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