Wolfie used to live with his sibling, Skid Row, behind a building in Downtown LA when he was rescued. However, he was very different from the beginning days at his new home. Soon, his new mom came to know he had a severe kinked oesophagus. So, once she started feeding him all- liquid diet, he took almost no time to recover completely and turn into the goofiest cat.

“Oh my gosh, he’s hilarious,” Jacqueline Santiago, Wolfie’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s spunky and makes the silliest faces. He’s a total mama’s boy. He loves all cats and wants to play with everyone.”

Jacqueline Santiago

Although Wolfie has special needs, he does not seem to have any idea of being different. He loves playing with his cat siblings. Altogether, Santiago and her roommate live with five cats. All of them get along very well and love being together. So, the roommates decided they should get their cats something they all would enjoy together. And that was, a gigantic cat tree!

“My roommate and I had been researching cat trees because we found our other trees were a bit too small for her cat plus our four other kitties,” Santiago said. “We wanted something that could accommodate everyone’s needs.”

Jacqueline Santiago

They decided to order a custom cat tree. As they planned with a designer of the Hollywood Kitty Company, they decided they wanted a tree that every cat could enjoy.

“The decaying tree stump on the right was made for my cat Piper who needed her own private space,” Santiago said. “The larger platforms accommodate our bigger cats like Leonidas and Noelle. Our kitty Khaleesi loves all the branches and there is a bed right in the middle just for her. Wolfie is a huge fan of being on top, as is Leo, so we made sure there were several tall platforms so there would be no fighting over the top spot. As we discussed what we were looking for, over time it kept morphing!”

Jacqueline Santiago

After multiple changes, the cat tree was finally complete—and it was the prettiest thing ever!

“He [the designer] says it’s the most detailed cat tree he’s ever done in his history of making these,” Santiago said.

Jacqueline Santiago

The tree is similar to a magical forest and the cats couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with it!

Jacqueline Santiago

Wolfie, however, loved it the most!

“He was so excited,” Santiago said. “He ran right into the main trunk. The main trunk has a tunnel that goes all the way up to multiple levels and also from side to side. He ran through the tunnels!”

Jacqueline Santiago

Wolfie has gone absolutely nuts for his new tree. He loves hanging around it. It’s amazing how the cat who once used to live on the streets now lives in a luxurious, most elaborate cat tree anyone has ever seen! And he is undoubtedly obsessed with it.

“We just got it days ago, but I’ve barely seen him since getting it,” Santiago said. “He’s always in it now.”

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