Commercial fisherman Nick Haworth gave his German Shepherd Husky mix the name Luna, after the moon that guides them at sea. And as it turns out, it was the perfect choice!
The blue-eyed pup was lost at sea one day. Everyone thought she had died. But then the pooch showed up more than a month later to prove them wrong! Many people have called Luna “the miracle dog”, thanks to her unbelievable story.

Luna frequently joined Nick when he went out to sea. But sadly, she went missing on a trip off the coast of San Diego, roughly two miles from the Island of San Clemente, which is home to a military training facility.

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

Nick says it was sudden – one minute she was there, and the next minute she was gone. He looked for her everywhere. He searched the waters and all around the boat, but there was no sign of Luna.

Nick contacted the Naval Base Coronado straightaway. He knew the dog was a strong swimmer and he hoped with all his heart that she would be found. He spent quite a few days on his boat, searching around the island for the puppy. The Navy deployed more than a few teams, together with plane flyovers. Sadly, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone assumed she was gone forever, including Nick.

It was hard for him to cope with the fact that his best friend was no more. He hung onto her things for quite a while, but he finally accepted the loss after a month passed away with no signs of the dog.

But then a miracle happened. Nick got a call a week later – a call he had been waiting for forever!

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

A few staff members that were arriving for work at the Naval Base noticed a dog sitting by the side of the road. It was surprising since there were no domestic animals on the island.

“They literally opened up the car door, whistled, and she jumped right in,” said Navy wildlife biologist Melissa Booker.

The “miracle dog” became quite famous amongst the Naval staff. They just couldn’t believe she had survived on her own for such a long time. Luna was a bit malnourished, but she was still happy and healthy.

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

It has been assumed that she paddled across two miles of “treacherous” waters and hunted small rodents on the island in order to stay alive.

Navy staff were left speechless. The island is used to train Navy and Marine personnel in survival, evasion, resistance and escape techniques (SERE), but the pooch did it all by herself!

“That is the most amazing dog, we send people out there for serious training, and she did it all on her own,” Sandy DeMunnik, public affairs officer for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Base Coronado, said.

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

Luna made such an impression on the Naval Base that they gave her her own personalized dog tag. It says, “For Luna, keep the faith.”

Nick was out of the state on a fishing expedition when he got the call that informed him his missing puppy had been found. He sent two of his good friends to pick her up from the Naval Base. They were happy to see the pup too!

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

Nick is delighted to have the dog home.

“I always knew she was a warrior,” he wrote on Facebook.

Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune

He says that on the trips to come, he will make sure Luna is kept safe under a more watchful eye, along with the use of a leash and doggie safety vest.

Check out Nick and Luna’s reunion below!

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