Fate is strange and twisted.

And sometimes, it can be the sweetest twist in the world.

This story just proves it.

When Norwegian journalist SannaDrogsetBørstad was assigned an article that requested help with a search for the owner of a lost pet, it wouldn’t be false to say that she was not intrigued. Was it going to win her the next Pulitzer? Probably not. But it was her job, so she tried to find out what had happened.

Sanna Drogset Børstad

Jostein Hansen had sent in an email which notified that he spotted a ‘hamster’ while he was dropping off his kid to school. The adorable creature was running around in the cold, and he caught hold of her before she was hit in the snowy road.

Hansen didn’t know what to do next, so he kept her in his glove box safely and immediately wrote to the paper.

Børstad then decided to intervene.

Sanna Drogset Børstad

“I wasn’t very excited,” Børstad said, “but decided to check it out.”

It was only when she found out that Hansen’s own daughter had a pet and this matter was important to him, that she took it seriously.

“If some kids have lost it, then it will be seen as a disaster,” Hansen told Børstad. “So I took the chance to try to catch it.”

Sanna Drogset Børstad

But they had no idea what was in store for them.

They went to a local pet store that was involved with Animal Protection Norway with the little creature. And it was there that they found out that she wasn’t anyone’s pet hamster.

In fact, she wasn’t even a hamster!

The Norway lemming, a species of wild rodent, didn’t even need Hansen help.

Sanna Drogset Børstad

However, anyone who doesn’t know better would confuse it with a hamster. And suffice to say, Hansen, the great rescuer nearly became the accidental lemming kidnapper! Can you even imagine?

When Hansen fully understood what he’d done, he didn’t want to waste a second rectifying his error. He put her back on the exact place he found her at!

Sanna Drogset Børstad

At the end of the day, Børstad’s story turned into a pretty great experience and quite an unforgettable one at that too. And Hansen couldn’t be any more embarrassed, even though everyone knew all he wanted to do was help.

“He did the right thing,” Gøril, the worker who identified the rodent’s true identity, said. “He saw an animal he thought needed help.”

Sanna Drogset Børstad

The entire hassle occurred with a heart full of pure intentions.

Sanna Drogset Børstad

“We all laughed a lot when we figured out what it really was.”

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