Let’s look at one of the most fascinating things that have ever happened.

According to Kruger Sightings, a wild lioness had just found her next meal among a pack of African wild dogs in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

The dogs had just found a meal for themselves, a kudu, when the lioness attacked. In a whirl of chaos, she grabbed one of the dogs in the pack.

lioness attacks wilddog 1

Watching them from far away was a group of tourists in a safari vehicle. While most of the tourists couldn’t take their eyes off the view, Calvet, the safari guide, captured it on his camera.

While the lioness carried the dog in her mouth, the rest of the pack stayed nearby. Since wild dogs usually have travel and hunt in packs, they help each other a lot. So, it must have been a concern that kept them close to their hunted friend.

lioness attacks wilddog 2

But what happened next in the video will shock you.

Just see for yourself.

One of the dogs from the pack came close to the lioness as if teasing her. And as the lioness falls on the trap, letting go of the dog in her mouth and chasing after the other dog, the dog that was limp suddenly stood up and ran away.

Looks like he was a smart one. We can actually hear the tourists commenting on the background saying, “Oh my God!” and, “He’s alive!”

According to Kruger Sightings, both of the dogs survived this trial. The lioness, who actually had cubs to feed, found her meal somewhere else.

lioness attacks wilddog 3

While both of the species are busy hunting for food, what many don’t know is that they both belong to endangered species. In fact, the lioness herself was the daughter of a lion who was killed by a trophy hunter in 2015. The mother’s name was Cecil.

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