Recently, a fire was reported in a house in Melbourne, Australia and the firefighters reached the scene quickly for the rescue. By the time they arrived, the family had already escorted themselves outside safely with one of their dogs. However, Leo, their other dog, was still inside.


The firefighters quickly went in to look for Leo, they looked everywhere but just couldn’t find him until one of them saw him in one of the rooms.

Leo was found lying unconscious in the middle of the room and the firefighters picked him up carefully. Surprisingly, below him, four tiny kittens had found shelter from the terrifying fire.


Apparently, Leo had been protecting the little felines and he was so dedicated to it, that he didn’t care about his own life.

Leo and the kittens were then safely escorted outside, and the firefighters gave him oxygen and gradually nursed him back to consciousness. However, he was still very weary. The firefighters knew exactly what was stopping his relief—the kittens! So, they brought them in and Leo couldn’t be happier. Once he saw them safe, he couldn’t stop showering them with love.

What a heroic pup! Watch the complete story of this legendary rescue in the video below:

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