A 7-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix named Capone, knows better than anybody that good things come to those who wait.

That’s mostly because for a long time he has patiently waited for a forever home at the Ionia County Animal Shelter in Michigan.

Sadly, the senior dog watched from a distance as, one by one, his shelter mates walked happily with their new family. Until, in the end, Capone was alone.

Ionia County Animal Shelter

“For quite some time Capone was the only dog we had in the shelter,” Carly Quinn, director of the Ionia County Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “All the kennels were empty, except for sweet, quiet, kind Capone.”

Before he was brought to the shelter back in 2017, he was shortly adopted but was eventually brought back to the shelter. The reason being, that he couldn’t get along with another dog in his home.

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Capone was depressed and even stopped eating after being homeless for a second time.

“He lost quite a bit of weight as he just did not have the appetite he did in his home,” Quinn noted. “It was very hard to get him to wat. We had to coax him daily with treats and assorted wet foods.”

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Quinn knew immediately that Capone’s loss of appetite had a deeper cause.

“He was heartbroken,” Quinn said, “and anyone who has felt true heartbreak understands how proper diet takes the back seat.”

Ionia County Animal Shelter

But Capone’s fears ran deep- he was deeply terrified of being rejected again.

“The Capone we met on 2017 and the Capone we met in 2018 were two different dogs,” Quinn said. “After he was surrendered the second time, it seemed like he picked and chose his friends as if he truly felt betrayed. He became very attached to us shelter staff.”

Ionia County Animal Shelter

“He is a velcro dog,” Quinn added. “A dog who loves to be right next to you, always touching you.”

The shelter staff knew the job of finding a new home for Capone would be even challenging since he’d fare better in a home with no other pets. They continually posted his picture on social media, so that someone in the area would know he’s looking for a home.

Just a few weeks ago, something happened.

Quinn couldn’t be more overjoyed when she found a couple of inquiries about Capone on Facebook. “They had fallen in love with his pictures and his story,” Quinn said. “When they came into our shelter later that day, they had already gone to the pet store and made him a custom name tag with his name and their information.”

Ionia County Animal Shelter

After being surrendered twice, Capone had become very withdrawn and cautious.

Quinn was aware that Capone would not be very willing. “My staff and I crossing our fingers that Capone would like them,” Quinn said. “As I walked into the lobby with Capone, he stopped and looked at Jon and Ashlee for a while. They both knelt down and Capone ran right into their arms.”

“It was truly a tearjerker,” she added.

The heartbroken yet humble dog in the shelter had finally found his home and staffers couldn’t hold back their emotions. They were overjoyed to witness the perfect happy ending to Capone’s story.

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Once they got home, Capone’s new family took a picture of him being comfy in his new home. But truly, his expression in the photo says it all.

“Look at that smile,” Sammie Vincent, a shelter volunteer, wrote on Facebook. “Us shelter staff actually cried tears of joy for Capone.”

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