On a recent Sunday morning when Kristi Idnurm arrived at work, she found a note addressed to her.

It was three torn sheets of notebook paper posted on the front door of Pet Valu in Georgetown, Delaware where Idnurm works. Along with this, she also works at a rescue organization Kristi’s Kats, Inc.

Kristi Idnurm

As soon as she read what the note said, she realized she needed to rush back immediately to the store.

What she found astonished her. There were several boxes and crates covered in blankets. When she hastily opened it, she found 22 cats and kittens.

Kristi Idnurm

“It was quite the surprise to realize that there were cats left outside the store,” Idnurm told The Dodo.

It was obvious that these abandoned animals had been well cared for. They were all litter box trained and perfectly healthy.

Kristi Idnurm

She surmised that the note along with the cats had probably been left sometime in the night between Saturday, January 5 and early on Sunday, January 6.

“I have been rescuing cats for as long as I can remember,” the note read, “however this year has completely broke me. Outback is all the babies I can’t find homes for and I have run out of time.”

Kristi Idnurm

The cats clearly had a larger, heartbreaking story, as the note said, “Please understand and read this before you judge.”

The person who had rescued and cared for all the cats had recently suffered sudden family tragedies. His or her son had gotten into a car accident and needed a lot of care. An aunt became sick and died of liver cancer. The kind cat caretaker had spent all of his or her savings to give the aunt a proper burial.

Kristi Idnurm

To make matters worse, the person was also evicted from his or her home. Instead of packing, he or she had spent the last few weeks trying to a find a loving home for the cats.

Along with the cats, the person had also left the last $30 she had. “I lost everything,” the note said.

Kristi Idnurm

Idnurm quickly rushed to find places for the cats to go. After several texts to volunteers, she managed to find fosters for all the cats.

“My volunteers came in force to wash carriers, fill litter boxes, make lists and answer questions,” Idnurm said.

Kristi Idnurm

While some cats were sent to Town Cats of Ocean City in Maryland others were sent to Coastal Cat Rescue in Bethany, Delaware. Some coworkers’ even adopted the cats.

Surely, abandoning animals is never the right thing to do. Hopefully, the group’s efforts to give a loving home to these cats will bring some hope into the life of the person who clearly left them in desperation.

“It was a group effort on making sure they were safe,” Idnurm said.

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