When these two police officers were called to save two kittens stuck under a car, they had just wrapped up dealing with a shoplifting call at a kicak TJ Maxx. To say they were worried would be an understatement. Two innocent little creatures, under a stranger’s car in the store’s parking lot? They were on it.
When they got to the car, they immediately heard their small meows.
“They located the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had placed them for some reason,” Jesse Minton, of the Arlington Police Department, said. “The owner of the car advised she did not own a cat and had no idea how the kittens got in there.”
First, they located exactly where the kittens were. And then Officer Joe Bob Adkins slowly reached under the car…

rescued kittens 1

.. and rescued them.

rescued kittens 2

The second the officers knew they were safe, he took them back to the police car. At that moment, he was just going to hold them close, make sure they felt comfortable and safe. But slowly, it seemed like he grew on them. Slowly, the refused to let him go. They loved it when he held them in his arms!

rescued kittens 3

The first thing they did was take the kittens to the vet. After checking them and making sure they were okay, the vet confirmed that the kittens were 6 weeks old. Assuming that the kittens were hungry, the officers fed them formula milk out of a small bottle. With each passing moment, the two men became more and more attached with these lovely creatures.

rescued kittens 4

And by the looks of it, the kitty were just as attached to their saviours. That’s when Officer Adkins decided to adopt them.
“He thinks he may name them ‘TJ’ and ‘Max,’” Minton said.

rescued kittens 5

Right now, the two lovely creatures are slowly adjusting to their new life with the man. To say they love their dad would be an understatement–they adored him beyond words! Of course he wasn’t expecting to add two new persons in his family, but we have to say, fate worked its magic perfectly here.