A wedding is always unforgettable for the bride and the groom, even when there aren’t any interruptions.

For this bride in China doesn’t seem to mind the interruption at all.

The wedding, which happened in a park in Shanghai, was a lovely one. The guests were busy taking pictures, the couple looked brighter than ever–and that’s when it happened!

The train of the bride’s wedding dress seemed to have attracted the attention of a cat. To everyone’s surprise–and delight–the white and orange wedding crasher decided to start chasing it!

Little Star TV/YouTube

And he manages to even catch it, just watch the video!

The bride tries to get the adorable creature off her dress and yet, instead of getting discouraged, the cat starts chasing it again and again.

As many people take cats as a sign of good luck, we hope the couple will have a long, happy life together!

It seems like we aren’t the only ones deeply affected by this incident!

A cat lover, Genevieve Timmins, who has been recently planning her wedding in October herself, said, “I need that to happen at my wedding,”

Little Star TV/YouTube

And who knows, maybe it will!

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