Coffee and cats–what more could you possibly want?

A new cat cafe in Washinton, D.C doesn’t only shelter cats but also socializes kittens. People who come here can also adopt a cat; all with the assistance of a cup of coffee!

Kitten Lounge

“We like to joke that we have cage-free, organic cat and kittens,” Kanchan Singh, CEO of the company, said. “They are free to roam and our space is intentionally designed to help kittens feel like they’re at home. That includes human-sized cat beds where people can lounge out with the cats, get to know them and fall in love with just the right cat for their family.”

Almost every cat in the shelter is up for adoption. So if you happen to form a bond with one of the lovely creatures, and if you are a decent candidate, you might just have an opportunity for a new addition in your family!

The cafe especially encourages first-time adopters to enter the place. Since Singh and the rest of her team are partners with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, they are always looking for their rescued cats to end up in a loving home! For people who really want to adopt, the cafe provides a round of food and drinks so your matchmaking process will be smoother.

Kitten Lounge

“Our team knows everything about each kitten, straight down to their zodiac signs,” Singh continued. “We’ll ask you a bit about who you’d look for, we’ll introduce you and then you’ll have time to really get to know them. You can come and visit them as often as you’d like, too, while our rescue partner reviews applications and does a phone interview with you.”

In fact, Singh even hopes that more people, who aren’t looking to adopt, will also pay a visit to the cafe. This will help the kittens get used to being around strangers, or even people who aren’t as fond of cats. Similarly, more non-pet-lovers in the place means more people being aware of the necessity of fostering, spaying, neutering and adopting.

Kitten Lounge

What inspired Singh to open a shelter of her own was her acquaintance with animals in the local animal rescue when she was a teen.

“There was one cat there who was always in a cage in the back, and everyone just walked by her because she was so shut-down,” Singh said. “But she was the cat I looked forward to seeing the most. I would spend my time with this cat at the shelter rather than doing my homework because I knew she needed love. She was the cat I looked forward to seeing the most. Then I went in one day and she wasn’t in her cage anymore. I thought she got adopted, but she had really been put down. I remember thinking to myself, ‘This is so wrong, and when I’m older I’m going to do something to change it.’”

Kitten Lounge

Almost 860,000 cats are put to death per year in America, according to the data from ASPCA. Singh wants to change that.

Her establishment, the Kitten Lounge, is predicted to be holding almost hundreds of kittens from the age of 3 to 6 months. As the birth of cats usually increases during springtime, the shelter is expecting more influx soon. The shelter will be providing the needy creatures will all the love and warmth in the cold Northeast region.

Almost 500 kittens will be residing in the Kitten Lounge soon. It will open from March through June and Singh can’t wait to allow all the cat-lovers a chance to snuggle up with the lovely creatures in the most comfortable place!

Kitten Lounge

“For most animal lovers, because we’re heart-based people, seeing animals in cages at the shelter makes us feel guilty because we can’t take all of them home,” Singh said. “We wanted to create a place where people can still adopt but connect with these animals in a place where both they and the animal feels comfortable. In a genuine way, the animals are healthy and happy — and that’s how you form magic and love.”

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