This woman deserves a big bow from all of us. I can never imagine going that close to a wolf, not even in my wildest dreams. But what you’re about to witness is real and the wolf, who looks dangerous and strong is nothing but a big baby! Meet Kekoa, an adorable wolf who loves his humans, especially a woman named Danielle.


He loved spending most of his time in the beautiful snowy woods inside the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. That’s where he lives. But there’s one thing he won’t ever miss! That is cuddling with his favourite human.


While Kekoa and Danielle are sitting down to spend some quality snuggling time together, another wolf comes by. That’s Sakura, who’s also an equally big baby in disguise of a furry wolf!

Well, doesn’t this go on to show the harmonious relationship that can exist between human and animal? Love is all that matters!

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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