Dogs are some of the most loyal and affectionate companions we can find. They want nothing more than to see their owners happy. They are so devoted towards their owners, and will not even hesitate to give up their life for them. You might have heard so many stories of dogs saving their master’s life. Well, this story is no different—it’s about a brave police dog that sacrificed himself for his partner.

This story is about a brave K9 officer named Jethro. He was the partner to Ohio police Officer Ryan Davis. These two were more than partners—they were family. Jethro had been living with Davis ever since he was just eight weeks old. He was as beloved as a family pet, but he still served in the police with his partner. Sadly, their days of fighting crime together came to an abrupt end when Jethro was shot four times in the line of duty.

This happened while they were responding to a call about a burglary. While on the scene, the dog didn’t hesitate shielding his partner with his own body. Officer Davis was heartbroken and called for help. Jethro fought for his life bravely, but ultimately lost the battle. A funeral was held to pay respects to the brave pooch. Officer Ryan was devastated, but life had to go on. He is now paired up with another German Shepherd called Tuko, and they are determined to continue catching the bad guys.

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