To see this year-old Peanut lying motionlessly on the ground was heartbreaking for animal control officers. But when they found out that he had been injected with drugs, they were outraged.
Seeing the emergence of the situation, they immediately rushed her to the vet.

drugged dog 1

Peanut was taken to the Faithful Friends Animal Society. Staffs there confirmed that poor Peanut had been heavily drugged and wasn’t responsive to any external stimuli.

She was transferred to emergency care after starting on fluids. Right after, she had a drug test. The results showed positive for cocaine and THC.

As she stayed under critical care the entire night, staffs outside worried she might not survive. But luckily, she was a fighter. She didn’t just fight tremors and weaknesses brought by the drugs, but also improved faster than expected. Within a day, she was eating, walking and drinking again.

drugged dog 2

“Suzi” was the new name given to her by her rescuers.

Her story soon went viral and even made it to local news. And then entered the Delaware family who immediately contact the responsible authorities and adopted her. Right now, she’s found her forever home.

Rest assured, Suzi will never be harmed or degraded in such a way. Ever again.
Watch the video below to see her miraculous recovery.