People can be cruel, yes, but they can be heartless when it comes to animals. Thousands of Greyhounds are left to fend for themselves every year as the hunting seasons end in Spain. With over 200,000 hunters (also known as Galgueros) registered per year, and most of their hunting partners being abandoned near the end, the situation is getting worse and worse.

Daily Mail

In fact, this year, the galgos (the dogs) were thrown into wells just because their owners didn’t want to take care of them for the rest of the months. The dogs would die starving and crying in those wells. Not just wells, some of the bodies were found tied to a rail, hanged, burned and with their throats slit.

Watch the video below to see one of those harrowing stories. The story continues after the clip.

This was sometimes because of laziness of the hunters while sometimes it was given the name of ‘tradition’. The tradition included making the dogs pay for being ‘inefficient’ during the hunt.

Daily Mail

These horrifying cases are causes a lot of upheaval in Spain. Because of this, almost 50,000 Greyhounds are sentenced to death every year. And despite this, there hasn’t been any legal action.

Hopefully, with awareness being raised in these cases, more people will come forward to stop this tradition in Spain. With luck, the law will also be intervening soon to abolish this practice completely.

Watch the video below to see the galgos being rescued from the wells where they were left to die in.

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