Last year, 19-year-old Corbin Simmons along with his 20-year-olds friends Austin Peterson and Trey Juhnke illegally slaughtered a mountain lion living in Yellowstone National Park. The young men proudly bragged about their “achievement” on their social media.

The pictures uploaded on their social media accounts quickly went viral. Following the viral photo, other hunters at the park also saw them.

United States Department of the Interior

This became a medium for authorities to track them down. After they got arrested, all three men were forbidden on any legally hunt at any part of the world.

Yellowstone special agent, Jake Olson told Simmons that the track down was only possible with their posts on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Olsen said:

“You know, we ended up getting a lot of this information from a guy in Bozeman off of Facebook because you guys put a bunch of stuff on social media.”

United States Department of the Interior

Although they deleted the post eventually, it was already too late. As the other hunters had already seen it and recognized the landscape.

Since hunting is prohibited inside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, these hunters sent an alert to the game wardens.

The men violated the Lacey Act of 1894. The act forbids people from taking, selling or buying wildlife from protected areas. Each of the three were fined $1,666.

United States Department of the Interior

All three admitted that they shot the male mountain lion in Montana and took it across the border.

However, their statements had a contradicting detail form one another. All three had three different answers on where they saw the boundary posts, where they encountered the cat, and who shot the animal.

It was discovered later that all of them were involved in shooting the wild cat. They took 8 rounds of fire to kill the poor animal.

United States Department of the Interior

Chief Ranger Pete Webster praised their thorough work in a statement and thanked the law enforcement.

He said,

“Their thorough work spotlighted this egregious act and the consequences incurred for hunting illegally in Yellowstone National Park.”

For many on social media, however, the punishment was too easy for them.

One of them said:

“No amount of money will bring this beautiful creature back, but you could save a lot of creatures by locking up these Hunters.”

We hope this story will be a lesson to everyone to illegal hunters who do it for adventure. And all hunters in general.

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