It was the year 2006 when almost 200 horses were stranded on a small land covered with mud while a huge storm caused the water levels to rise in the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue.

Media all over the world were covering the story. Among the herd, nineteen horses died due to exposure. Even after three days of being stuck in the place, the horses couldn’t be rescued. It was only because of the firemen and welfare workers who brought all the basic necessities for the creatures that they were able to hold on.

YouTube/ VEED63

When the water level started to fall, it was still difficult for the authorities to form a plan to rescue the horses. They were afraid of stepping in the water–making them enter it willingly was nearly impossible.

It was then that they came up with an idea.

YouTube/ VEED63

First, a group of female riders and horses were going to ride into the shallow waters. With any luck, the horses that were stuck would soon follow them in because of their herd mentality.

Everyone hoped for them to make it to the other side without any losses.

But did they?

YouTube/ VEED63

Fortunately, the precious seconds have been captured in the video for us to watch even a decade later! Watch the rescue happen life!

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