Logan the handsome white horse used to live in a “kill pen” in Louisiana where he would probably be sent across the border to be slaughtered. However, at the last moment, a kind woman stepped in to rescue him. He was safe for a few months, but then, he was in danger again.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

“This lady lives around 60 miles from us, and due to family hardship, she recently needed to sell all of her horses,” Jamie Lee Robinson, founder and CEO of OPKIT Kitty Sponsorship Program and Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven by OPKIT, said.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

Robinson, along with helping shelter cats find homes, also trains and rescues horses.

“Late one night on Facebook, I saw Logan’s picture, and I knew he was the one,” she said. “I just knew.”

Robinson had a plan in mind, which is why she was eager to adopt Logan.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

A thin, tired horse was found running around a highway in Florida a few months ago. The horse, now named Starlight, had been in captivity of the sheriff’s department and then spent weeks at the county shelter.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

“They needed a rescue group to take her,” Robinson said. “She was not healthy enough for adoption. They were posting and begging all over Facebook for a horse rescue group to take this horse, but no one stepped up.”

That was when she decided to bring the horse into her cat sanctuary.

“The horse was in danger of going to a county auction, so I had to help her,” Robinson said. “We have a small pasture, but we weren’t really set up for horses, so I got busy building a small barn … Starlight arrived very thin, fearful of people, distrustful, and with an old scar from a chain across her nose.”

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

When she saw Loga’s picture, something clicked in her brain and she quickly acted on it.

“I bought Logan sight unseen, right away, not something I would normally do, but I didn’t want him to get away,” Robinson said. “I knew he was right for Starlight.”

Her intuitions were not wrong, after all.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

“He arrived just a few days ago,” Robinson said on Tuesday. “And they fell instantly in love. Starlight was so excited and happy, Logan calm and soothing to her.”

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

Now, Starlight and Logan have their stalls right next to each other and they can live the rest of their lives right next to each other.

“They will be here with us always. They have both found their forever homes,” Robinson said.

Recently, Robinson announced something exciting to a group of followers on Facebook: “Our beautiful new boy is here. He and Starlight are in love.”

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

Because horses like being in herds, Robinson always knew that she would need to find someone for Starlight. However, she didn’t expect them to bond so much so quickly.

“Logan is a very playful, confident horse,” Robinson said. “Starlight is insecure and hesitant — so they are the perfect pair.”

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