Animal friendships are one of the most adorable things out there. It proves that animals are just like humans. They too want to hang out and enjoy tiny moments of life, like these adorable goats and their friend, the horse.


It’s not unheard that goats love to climb, virtually anything. You can find these mischievous creatures standing in top of their lean-tos and even on top of tall round hay bales! Farmers are known to be extra careful with them by placing climbing structures in the goat’s pasture so that they will stay out of trouble. Believe it or not, goats can even climb trees!

When a goat owner happened to glance out at his horse pen, he saw his loyal steed Mr G lying down and just enjoying the surroundings. While the trio of happy little goats was hopping all around, Mr G just laid idle, staring into space. Suddenly, one brave goat tries to climb up on the horse’s back and even succeeds!


He’s apparently having fun on the horse’s back and even manages to do a few impressive spins. Mr. doesn’t mind entertaining the little goat and stays still. Suddenly, another one of his friends also hops up there. After a while, there are three goats playing on his back. It’s an adorable and comical scene, you have to watch the video yourself to have your heart be melted!

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