When it comes to taking care of dogs, there are no rules. You just have to make sure they don’t get lost or hurt and shower them with all your love. However, little Hank does require his guests to follow some pretty “crucial” rules.

Abbey Swimm

Hank, the adorable golden retriever is loved by his owner, Abbey, Lindsey Swimm’s sister. Hank and Abbey have been inseparable ever since the two found each other. But that only lasts as long as the puppy’s eyes don’t catch something else. And that happens more frequently than you would think.

“Hank is in absolute love with Abbey,” Lindsey Swimm said. “But his inner adventurer has been making him chase anything from birds and rabbits to joggers and bicyclists down the road in front of our house.”

People who don’t know how Hank really is, will never know how much awareness is needed to keep the pup from a loved, sheltered one, to a stray.

So, for people who belong to that category, Abbey decided to make a list of “Hank Rules.”

Abbey Swimm

Swimm said:

“I died laughing when I saw it. Hank would so be completely guilty of the things she wrote.”

Most of the rules in the list can be applied to any pup who is hyperactive. However, it is pretty hilarious to see them set as rules.

Abbey probably learned each lesson the hard way.

Abbey Swimm

Although the puppy still needs a little guidance, it’s always worth having him around.

She cracked:

“Hank is by far the goofiest golden retriever ever,”

And we wouldn’t doubt that for a second!

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