Man who reportedly got accused of killing a pinky dancing Flamingo dies right after a truck struck him.

48-year-old Joseph Corrao, began an outrage at 2016 after violently throwing famous Busch Gardens flamingo to allegedly causing death.
Corrao was fatally hit by the truck on June 5, two months before the trial of the incident. He was crossing a busy road of Orlando when the accident happened.

Pinky flamingo killing Gets Hit By truck

According to the crash report, he was heading towards north across State Road 50 shortly before 6 am. Tampa Bay Times reported that the truck was a Ford-150 pickup truck traveling east.

Shortly, he got brought into Florida Hospital East, but it was already too late for him to survive. The truck driver, however, is uninjured. The investigation of the accident is still ongoing.

The man took his mother and daughters in the Busch Gardens amusement park in August 2016 where he earned his disrepute. They entered the Jambo Junction Animal Viewing Area where he threw the 15-year-old Pinky to the ground.

This photo was made available by Bush Gardens Tampa Bay.

The incident caused Pinky extensive damages, resulting in one of her legs severely injured.

The theme park’s animal ambassador, Flamingo, had to be euthanized due to the damage. Carrao later told the authorities that he was trying to show off his skills to his daughter, and he didn’t mean to harm the bird in any way.

He was charged with Animal Cruelty before going to jail for five days, and then he got bailed. Joseph apologized when he learned his lesson, but sadly, it was too late, and the bird was already euthanized.

And this is not the first case of animal abuse he was charged of. Previously he got arrested on felony animal brutality charges after he shot his neighbor’s two dogs.

The judge assigned two psychologists to examine Carrao before his trial after his public defender proposed attention on his mental health.

He was diagnosed with a combination of PTSD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia from one psychologist while the other agreed on schizophrenia. It proved that he was not competent for further trial.

Upon the diagnosis, the judge ordered him to undergo in-home competency restoration training. He was banned from alcohol intake and to continue using his medicines.

At March, the court informed him competent, and his trial continues in August. But he got hit by the truck just two months before August.

Prosecutors dropped any criminal charges against him and filed a formal notice about it.


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