Farting in public is usually thought as pretty taboo. Many people consider it as being offensive and rude especially if done around other people. Well, no matter what it is, we shouldn’t forget that it is also a natural process. It might be hard pill to swallow for some, but it is true. Despite being so natural, any conversation about bodily functions is usually met with resistance and shyness! You can see from the following video that this holds true with our animal friends as well.

Animals “cut the cheese” like us every day. But they don’t appear to be too embarrassed by it. You might have watched videos of animals farting in before. From animals like horses and cows to even birds—they all do it quite frequently. The following video shows an adorable German Shepherd, but she didn’t seem to be so openly accepting of all the natural gas she produced!

This stunning white German shepherd was just lounging around on the couch when she let out a tiny bit of gas. The sound was squeaky and seemed to amuse the pooch as much as it confused her. She was so taken aback that she actually fell off the couch! The dog’s response made her owner laugh out loud. Since the video was uploaded online, it has also left the whole internet community in stitches as well!

Check out the full video below:

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