Gracie the poodle and Brandy the boxer had been each other’s partner in crime for ten years. They would answer the doorbell together and would give their dad a cute puppy-eyes look together whenever he was eating something.

Erik Houser

Brandy was right there to protect little Gracie if a big dog bothered her.

Erik Houser, the dogs’ dad, said, “Brandy was Gracie’s protector. One day, a big dog tried to jump on Gracie and Brandy was right there in between them, fur on her back standing up and everything. It’s like she said, ‘Hey, that’s my sissy — only I can do that.’”

However, the happy Houser family faced an incredibly tragic loss recently. Brandy, who had been fighting cancer for a long time, sadly passed away.

Erik Houser

“She originally had to have her ear removed due to a tumour,” Houser said. “But then cancer just spread like wildfire. Her body just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Gracie was there with Houser and his wife, Jennifer when they waved Brandy goodbye. 14- year- old Gracie was not a cuddly dog, but at that moment, she had to.

“Gracie was laying right on Brandy,” Houser said. “She knew.”

Erik Houser

A few days later, Houser discovered Brandy’s favourite toy, a stuffed boxer that looked just like her, and decided to put her collar on it.

“I came into the room, and that’s how I found her, holding onto that boxer toy,” Houser said. “I was crying. I couldn’t believe it.”

Erik Houser

It was a moving moment for Houser, especially after watching her wandering around the house looking for Brandy for days. The poor poodle missed her sister so much.

Then, something magical happened, which also seemed to be a sign of the family’s late pup. Someone contacted the Housers telling them they no longer could keep their dog and asking if they could take her in.

Erik Houser

A few days have passed since the 3-year-old cone Corso, Layla started living with the family, but she is most probably in her forever home.

“Rescuing another dog right now definitely wasn’t in our plans,” Houser said. “But I think she chose us.”

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