The bond between Bobo the gorilla and his 200-gram friend, a bush critter has gone viral over the internet. Not only the workers of Ape Action Africa have been amazed by their bond of friendship but also the people from the social media are exploding with their overloaded cuteness.

Facebook/ Ape Action Africa

Since 1996, Bobo has been under the care of the non-profit organization. He is a Western Lowland Gorilla who considers himself the dominant male in his group of three females and three other males. Bobo stepped up whenever the two younger males tried to take over as dominant male of the group but eventually, they failed. You might feel amazing to imagine this and to see how this 400- pound Gorilla is hanging out with the tiny creature.

Facebook/ Ape Action Africa

The workers saw the Bobo with this adorable wild bush baby while making their rounds for morning checks. While cradling the little one with his huge hand, he was so docile. Elissa O’ Sullivan, spokeswoman of Ape Action Africa said, “Bush babies are usually nocturnal, so it is scarce to see one during the day. We have never witnessed a wild primate interacting with a rescued one at Mefou Sanctuary.”

Before releasing his little friend in the tree, the giant spent two hours with his tiny friend.

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