Jose Perez had always been a part of the perfect trio consisting of his girlfriend, his dog, and himself.

So when he had to go away on a business trip, he was pretty bummed. Imagine his surprise when he came back and found out that his girlfriend and his dog were happy in their own little world!

girlfriend dancing dog 1

Perez had a security camera set up at his place. He and his girlfriend usually used it to look after Nina the dog when they were both away from home. Since the camera detects motion after midnight, Perez was a little surprised to hear the alerting noises.

“I got an intruder notification while I was away, getting ready to sleep,” Perez said.

But this was no intruder. The alarm was triggered by the girlfriend returning home. But as Perez kept looking on through the security footage-there was actually something else that caught his eye.

There, in the middle of the room was his girlfriend dancing with his dog.

It seemed like the two didn’t need Perez to have the time of their lives. But this didn’t bother him at all.

“It made my night, for sure,” Perez said.

girlfriend dancing dog 2

Perez always knew that the two had always had a special bond together. “They are very close and are always together,” he said. “Nina gets very happy every time my girlfriend arrives home. Way more happy than when I arrive.”

After Perez returned home, he told them all about how they were caught red-handed. But they’ve worked through this adorable issue and are still a family.

“Nina is like a daughter to us,” Perez said.

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