This little girl has a new friend who has got her back through any bad situation. All she has to do is, scream at the person who is troubling her! Her best friend is, in fact, her bird, who launches an instant attack at anyone his little friend screams at!

Watch the proof below:

The little girl’s uncle shared it online, saying, “My niece has her bird trained to attack anyone she screams at.”

The footage shows an unsuspecting woman talking to the little girl as the pet sat on the headboard of the bed.

The girl then, suddenly screams at the person behind the camera and the bird can be seen taking off and rapidly attacking to whoever was holding the camera. Then, we can hear the woman screaming out of fear.

Definitely, the dog is extremely well trained and obedient, although the girl didn’t seem to be at any kind of threat from the woman.

Lord Flocko/Twitter

Another picture was shared by the Twitter user of her niece who was posing with an adorable smile with her bird on her shoulder.

The video has ever since reached more than 500,000 shares and received 1 million likes one 19 million views! People are absolutely impressed by this little girl and her bird!

We hope we get to be the amazing skills of the bird more in the future!

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