People with the most precious heart always have tall walls guarding it. And the fact applies to animals as well.

This is the story of a feral cat called Orange Boy,

He was found living on the rough streets of Boston with a nickname OB by Lynne Gramer, who was involved with a group that cared for feral cat colonies called Boston’s Forgotten Felines. She saw him when she was outside feeding other feral cats.

Sophie Higgins

“OB started coming around three years ago,” Gramer said. “One of the cats would pick on him when he would come to eat. I had to feed him at a different spot.”

OB was a typical feral cat, wary of people and afraid to let anyone close to him.

Sophie Higgins

In order to decrease the population of the stray, Gramer wanted to have him caught and neutered. But it was only after the plan came through that the vets wanted to release him back into the streets. Turns out, OB was feral to his core and couldn’t be tamed or neutered.

“So I released him back out,” Gramer said.

Sophie Higgins

But there’s more.

“He would continue to come to eat,” she said. “There were times when I would see him out on late nights and times when I wouldn’t see him for days.”

Sophie Higgins

Until the time he surprised her.

“I was sitting in my yard [and] OB came up to me, rubbing against my leg,” Gramer said. “I was shocked.”

Sophie Higgins

From then on, the feral cat’s affection just got better.

“He would attack my leg if I walked away, especially if I would go in my house,” Gramer said. “He actually took over my backyard.”

Sophie Higgins

But Gramer already had a foster cat in her house. She also had a dog which OB wasn’t quite fond of and liked to attack at times.

“At the time I had nowhere for him to go so I put a small shelter in the yard,” Gramer said. “It broke my heart every time I would look outside where he would lie on my stairs. He would meow as if to say, ‘Let me come in.'”

Sophie Higgins

It was only when the foster cat in Gramer’s house found a loving home that she was able to move OB inside.

Time passed as it does, and one day Sophie Higgins, one of Gramer’s friends, came over. And she got to meet OB.

“When I sat down he plopped into my lap and it was love at first sight,” Higgins said.

Sophie Higgins

Higgins kept coming back to the house just for OB.

“I cared so much for this big orange boy I wanted to make sure he found a perfect home,” Gramer said. “I asked [Sophie] if she would want to foster him and without any hesitation, she said yes.”

But fostering him didn’t come easy. In fact, it didn’t come at all.

The second OB entered Higgin’s home, he “immediately hopped onto the couch, snuggled up with my boyfriend, and made himself at home,” she said.

Sophie Higgins

“We fully intended to just be a stop on OB’s journey to his forever home,” Higgins said, “but looking back … I can see immediately that we were doomed (in the best way) from the start.”

Now that OB is quite affectionate and loving towards his family, it’s hard to see him as the feral cat living in the streets that he used to be.

Nevertheless, it seems that OB always had that heart in him, he just required the right kinds of people and the right family that let his guards down. Once he was shown kindness, he gave it all back tenfold.

“The rest,” Gramer reflected, “is history.”

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