We might have become very successful and live a good life now. But some part inside us still wants to go back to our childhood and be the child versions of ourselves again. We don’t express it much. But these dogs have no care in the world. Not only do they miss the smaller versions of themselves, they ultimately believe that they are still small. And, by the looks of it, they are not ready to hear otherwise!

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It was and always will be my puppy crate!


Park benches are a little uncomfy now, but I don’t care


I mean, you told me that I could be on top of you!


You still bring me to this hell, so you still have to take care of me!


It’s only more comfortable to dance, now!


Ok, little human, you are smol, but I am smoller!

Snuggles are the best, aren’t they?


Why are you giving me that look? You know this is my fav spot!


How come they make smaller chairs now?


You guys should try and pursue chair- career


You sit there, and I sit on you!


It’s a little small, but I am fine with it!


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