Fight it all you want, but we all need love. Especially when we’re in pain. We need someone to care for us, to comfort us in the time of pain. And this longing isn’t just limited to human beings.

Animals feel a similar kind of longing. Perhaps they feel it even more intensely for it is hard for them to find comfort as easily as human do. When dogs are left in the shelter, they are alone and afraid. Luckily, there is one dog that understands the pain all too well. And he’s doing everything in his power to give them all the consoling in the world. His name is Charlie and this is his story.

Posted by Dumb Friends League on Friday, March 25, 2016

A Catahoula mix, Charlie is naturally a very big dog. But it was when he was 35 pounds overweight that his family abandoned him at the shelter. However, the people at the shelter, the Dumb Friends League weren’t having it. They knew that Charlie was a special dog and to say that they weren’t going to give up on finding him home would be an understatement. Yes, he wasn’t in perfect shape. In fact, it seemed like Charlie was having a seizure when the staff took him out for a walk and it later turned out that he was just panting very loud. But that didn’t mean he was never going to find a family that loves him with all their heart.

And they were right. Alaina Bupp and her husband decided to take the chubby puppy in and foster him. They also swore to take care of him it looked like he was having seizures.

Surrounded in their embrace and attention, Charlie then regained his health. He didn’t even have any more of the breathing troubles.

“There was something about Charlie. We both wanted to keep him. We both decided he was a permanent member of our family.” Alaina said.

But it was only after they adopted a second dog, a Chihuahua, that they saw just how special Charlie was. As the little dog was considerably smaller in size and was always cold, the big dog always snuggled the little dog into his body to stop his shivering.

Posted by Dumb Friends League on Friday, March 25, 2016

After seeing just how great Charlie was at helping other dogs, Alaina started fostering more new dogs. As she expected, Charlie was always there to help each of them.

Posted by Dumb Friends League on Friday, March 25, 2016

According to Alaina, Charlie’s hugs had every other dog feeling safe and surer of themselves. No matter how scared or nervous they are at the beginning, Charlie guides their mind to safety. Since staying with the Bupps, Charlie has helped 13 dogs in total.

Posted by Dumb Friends League on Friday, March 25, 2016

With the big guy’s help, the newly arrived dogs leave with their anxiety calmed down before they’re adopted in their perfect homes. Charlie’s methods are always slow and strong.

While it might seem something timid, it’s actually because of the big dog that so many abandoned animals have found peace in their own respective families.

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