We know that dogs have a superior sense of smell. From detecting bombs to finding hidden treats, they use their nose for everything! Therefore, it is not a surprise that this dog named Greta smelled leaking gas. However, it is indeed amazing how she knew it was dangerous for her human.

Ken Walsh, Greta, the German Shepherd’s owner, woke up at 3 a.m. to a whining and crying pet. No matter what, she wouldn’t calm down.

Source: Delaware Online

It turns out, it was for a reason—and a very big one at that. She kept crying and wanted her dad to come to the kitchen. Although confused, Walsh followed his pet and that was when he realized what was wrong.

He smelled something bad, the odor of propane. He immediately woke his wife and 14-year-old son and took them out of the house. Because of his intelligent dog, the life of his entire family was saved.

Source: Delaware Online

Gerta was a rescue dog that Walsh adopted. Because of her behavioural issues, she had a difficult time finding a home. Walsh, being a dog trainer, knew exactly what to do with her. He is now starting a nonprofit for animals in need.

He told DelawareOnline.com, “All it would have taken was a spark. It was very scary after I got a chance to sit down and think about it.”

Source: Delaware Online

Later, they discovered that the propane stove in his house was leaking gas. The family has five dogs and one of them possibly bumped into the stove in between one of their jumps to get a treat.

As a reward, Greta got a steak and a treat. Walsh believes in rescuing pets from shelters and encourages everyone to do so.

Good girl, Greta!

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