Napoleon the tiny mixed breed pup often throws tantrums at his foster mom. The difference is that his tantrums are beyond adorable, and he’s actually just asking to let him sit on her lap. Isn’t that adorable?

Since we have received so many questions regarding Napoleon, we thought we’d enlighten you with a few fun facts.

  1. The truth about what breed he is unclear. He was found with no litter mates and he had no parents. Although we have some guesses that he might be a corgi mix and might grow up to 20-5 pound as an adult.
  2. He has a medical condition called megaesophagus which means his food must be watered down into a gruel-like mush and he must eat with his bowl elevated. To get better, he is currently taking two motility medications. Only time will tell if it will be cured. As for now, we are thinking of getting a big enough Bailey chair for him.
  3. His vet has guessed that he may have dwarfism considering his stubby appearance. As there’s no test to treat this condition, we’ll have to wait and see if he grows to be any bigger.
  4. Napoleon’s medical condition is a bit complicated, even for us so we aren’t accepting any applications at the meantime. We are only focusing on making him better, that means watching everything he eats. Especially dry dog food, treats and any human food. His foster mom is giving 100 per cent attention, as one wrong move could cause him to choke badly.

After getting a lot of response from online viewers, Southern Indiana Animal Rescue answered some questions regarding Napoleon. For now, we can only hope that he gets better.

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